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We know how hard the IVF journey is for prospective parents — we’re doing all we can to make it better. LifeView™’s Embryo Screening and Tests reduce the risk of miscarriage and genetic disease, increasing the success of fertility treatments.

Studies comparing LifeView with our competitors show results of:

  • Higher pregnancy rates per IVF cycle
  • Fewer IVF cycles resulting in miscarriage
  • More embryos available for transfer due to testing accuracy

Our industry-leading genetic tests for the IVF embryo reduce the risk of disease and improve health outcomes. Prospective parents and their doctors receive the most detailed and comprehensive reports in the industry.

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Unlike any other service in the world, LifeView patients also have access to Embryo Health Scores, which have been proven to reduce the risk of common diseases like: diabetes, cancer, and heart disease in your future child.

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