Biological parents are screened for a gene associated with increased miscarriage risk.

Patients who have experienced pregnancy loss or complications may benefit from this test. It screens for four genetic mutations in the Annexin A5 gene that are collectively known as the M2 Haplotype. When the M2 haplotype is present, it can affect the blood flow between the developing embryo and mother and increase the risk of pregnancy complications and miscarriage. 

Testing for the M2 haplotype is simple and only requires a saliva sample from the biological parents. If a biological parent is positive for the M2 haplotype, medical interventions are available to help mitigate complications. 

To increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, couples who carry the M2 Haplotype can elect for pre-implantation genetic testing to screen their embryos for the genetic variant and choose to transfer a non-carrier embryo.

M2, Miscarriage Risk Assessment
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