Designed for those with an increased risk of passing monogenic disorders to their children.

Monogenic disorders are inherited conditions caused by genetic variants in a single gene. PGT-M is designed for individuals who have a higher chance of passing on these types of conditions to their children.

Common examples of monogenic disorders are cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, spinal muscular atrophy, sickle cell disease, BRCA1/2-related hereditary cancers, fragile X syndrome and Huntington disease.

PGT-M, Testing for Monogenic Disorders
Your IVF team may refer you to discuss PGT-M if:
  • You have a personal or family history of a monogenic disorder
  • A monogenic disorder was diagnosed in one of your children or prior pregnancy
  • You and your partner had carrier screening and were found to be carriers of the same genetic condition
  • You are interested in HLA matching
Why choose LifeView™ testing?

The team at Genomic Prediction has decades of experience working with individuals who may benefit from PGT-M testing. Regardless of whether a condition is common or rare, each test is personalized to address the genetic variant(s) of concern. We specialize in testing for conditions that are unable to be tested through other laboratories.

Testing Process

Step 1

Talk to your doctor about using LifeView PGT-M.

Step 2

Our client specialist will work closely with your IVF team to address your specific needs.

Step 3

Embryos are produced through an IVF cycle. A small sample from each embryo is sent for a LifeView analysis.

Step 4

Once the analysis is complete, a report with your results is sent directly to your IVF team. Lifeview Genetic Counselors are always available to further discuss your report.

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