Increasing the Success of Fertility Treatments

LifeView™ PGT provides the most advanced genetic screening for the IVF embryo available. Studies comparing LifeView to conventional testing methods proved higher pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates.

PGT-A, Testing for Aneuploidy


A routine screening to determine if an embryo has the correct number of chromosomes.

PGT-A+, Testing for Aneuploidy with Parental Origin


This test determines the origin of an embryo’s chromosome abnormality.

PGT-M, Testing for Monogenic Disorders


Designed for those with an increased risk of passing monogenic disorders to their children.

PGT-P, Testing for Polygenic Disorders

Embryo Health Score® Test

This test is validated to reduce disease risk for your future child including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

PGT-SR, Testing for Structural Rearrangements


Designed to screen for chromosome abnormalities caused by known structural rearrangements in a parent.

M2, Miscarriage Risk Assessment


This test screens biological parents for a gene associated with increased miscarriage risk.

Financial Solutions

We are pleased to offer partnerships with both PatientFi and CapexMD, giving patients the opportunity to finance their LifeView PGT testing. As a company, we strongly believe that PGT should be available to all.

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